Episode 79 - Pets and Bourne

Episode 79 – The Secret life of Pets & Jason Bourne

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SPOILER-FREE! We hit up the drive-in for the most ill-suited double feature of the summer: The Secret Life of Pets and Jason Bourne. WTF! Pets has been a huge moneymaker for Universal, raking in over $500m worldwide. Is this gang of furry friends the start of a new and beloved franchise, or a summer crush that will soon be forgotten? It has been almost 10 years since we have seen Matt Damon play Jason Bourne. Are we glad to see him back? Does the film bring something new to the franchise? How the hell does Matt Damon look even sexier than last time? We discuss all of these questions and more in episode 79 of The Smoking Screen Podcast. Come and join the circle!