Episode 35 – The Visit

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The Visit

Jay and Cybill take a trip to Nana and Pop-Pop’s house in “The Visit”. Let’s hope they don’t find our weed! Is this a “6th Sense” or “The Last Airbender” kind of effort from M. Night Shyamalan? Does this creepy yet comedic Hansel and Gretel tale work as a horror/comedy? How does this movie differ from the latest found-footage jump fest? Finally, how creepy is the old lady? All this and a barrel of smoke-induced laughs in Episode 35 of The Smoking Screen.

Episode 34 – Trainwreck & Wet Hot American Summer

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Trainwreck & Wet Hot American Summer

Episode 33 – No Escape and Self/less

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No Escape & Self/less

We made our yearly pilgrimage to the drive-in and caught a double feature of Owen Wilson in No Escape and Ryan Reynolds in Self/less. How many drive-in theatres are left in operation? Does No Escape play to our worst fears about other citizens of the world? Was Self/less the sci-fi film we have been craving? Did we hot box the car while at the Drive-in? The answers are: under 400, yes, no, and of course we did. For all the details, join us for Episode 33!