Episode 32 – American Ultra

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American Ultra

This week, Jay and Cybill review stoner flick meets action thriller – “American Ultra”. Is this a true stoner movie or simply a marketing sham? Do weed and heavy violence partner well together? Is Jesse Eisenberg playing the same character in every movie? Why were people in theatre laughing at Kristen Stewart? All this plus more than several hits from the bong in episode 32 of The Smoking Screen!

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Episode 31 – BONUS – Vacation

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With the week off work, Jay and Cybill, after long debate, work in a matinee showing of Ed Helm’s Vacation re-boot. Does it come anywhere close to living up to the original? Does it tarnish it’s reputation? And what about Chevy Chase? Have you seen him recently? We’re worried. We discuss all this and more in a special mini holiday episode of The Smoking Screen. Come join the circle!

Episode 30 – Straight Outta Compton

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Straight Outta Compton

Jay and Cybill smoke an L and cruise down Crenshaw to review “Straight Outta Compton”. Does F. Gary Gray’s movie depict the American Dream gone right or wrong? How well does the cast portray the members of N.W.A.? Would Eazy-E be happy with the final product? Did we forget about Dre? How cool is Ice Cube? We don our Raiders gear and jerry curls to take a trip to L.A. for Episode 30 of The Smoking Screen.

Episode 29 – The Gift

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The Gift

This week Jay and Cybill get creeped out by what could be the thriller of the summer. Can Jason Bateman play a serious role well? How do we feel about the surprise ending (spoiler free!)? Plus – what’s up with all the creepy monkeys? Do they harsh our buzz? Tune in to episode 29 of The Smoking Screen to find out.

Episode 28 – Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

This week we take a jumbo jet super high in the sky to review “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”. How do we feel about Tom Cruise? Is he a timeless action movie superstar or a distracting uber intense scientologist? Do we prefer Bond or Ethan Hunt? Is Simon Pegg the true star of this movie? Plus, how awesome is it to see Ving Rhames? All this and more in episode 28 of The Smoking Screen. Come join the circle!