Jay & Cybill


Hosts of The Smoking Screen Podcast


The internet’s two highest film critics. Every week on The Smoking Screen Podcast they share their passion, insight and unique perspective as they review new releases and older classics. All done while enjoying some fine weed and connecting with The Smoking Screen community.


While marijuana users are found in all demographics and professions, smokers often get mislabeled as lazy, dumb or worse. That is a perception we want to help change by having a weekly show, that is interesting and insightful, while also enjoying the benefits and fun of being high. Come join the circle!

Jay - Host of The Smoking Screen

Jay is no stranger to film criticism. He holds a Masters Degree in Film Studies and has taught several courses on film appreciation. And yes, Citizen Kane is his favorite film (such a snob). When not reviewing films for The Smoking Screen, he is the Creative Director of a large tourism outfit. Jay & Cybill, together and separately,  have also worked on a number of film projects.

Cybill - Host of The Smoking Screen

Cybill loves talking movies. As a communications professional, she has worked in several different areas with some biggest players around. You need to know, she loves animals. No joke here, she’ll safely trap insects and let them go inside. She volunteers to help get rescued cats adopted. She also loves Tom Cruise (Jay is less than convincing when says he is not jealous).