Star Trek Beyond

Episode 78 – Star Trek Beyond

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Space. The final frontier. These are the rebooted voyages of the super sexy crew of the starship, Enterprise. With┬áJ.J. Abrams off busy playing with lightsabers, Justin Lin (of Fast and Furious fame) takes over the director’s chair for the third installment of the new series. Was he able to find the right balance of humor, action and family, that has made Star Trek such a beloved franchise? Do we think of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk now? Did Idris Elba deliver a bad guy that Benedict Cumberbatch and Ricardo Montalban would be proud of (KAHHHHNNNNN!!!)? We answer all of these questions and talk about the DNC in Philly (what a disgusting mess) in episode 78 of The Smoking Screen Podcast. Come and join the circle!