Episode 14 – Monkey Kingdom

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Monkey KingdomJay and Cybill get up to monkey business in episode 14 as they review Disney’s new nature doc, Monkey Kingdom! Will they go bananas for it? If they don’t, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle….which, come to think of it, would be awesome.


This week’s incredibly tasty snack to enjoy with the film comes from our good friends at The Vanilla Bean Blog: Toasted Sesame Oil Cookies with Bittersweet Chocolate!

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Episode 13 – 4 Films to Watch on 4/20

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Happy 420


For such a special day, we had to have a very special episode! This week, we are joined by the hosts of two of our favorite podcasts, The Rants Macabre and Haircut and the Beard, as we discuss 4 Films to Watch on 4/20. Will your favourite stoner film make our completely arbitrary list? Only one way to find out…

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Episode 12 – Big Hero 6

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Movie Poster Ad - Big Hero 6Jay and Cybill are back from their trip to San Fransokyo with stories to tell! Did Disney’s Big Hero 6 deserve the Oscar? Will it induce Kabuki-masked nightmares in children of all ages? Could huggable marshmallow-like robots eventually overrun humanity? We discuss all this and more in Episode 12 of The Smoking Screen. Set your robo-bong on high and come join the circle.

Episode 11 – Mean Girls

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mean girls

In Episode 11 we take a close look at Mean Girls. While the film was a modest sleeper hit in 2004, it has become a beloved and often quoted staple of the high school comedy genre. Was this Lindsay Lohen at her peak? Does it mark the beginning of the rise of future comedy superstars, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Just how “fetch” is it? We discuss all this and more in Episode 11. Come join the circle!

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